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QM District Heating is a platform for technical and economic issues in connection with district heating networks. It offers training courses, documents and tools as well as technical support and consultancy for the implementation and operation of district heating networks.


Target audience

Engineers and planners of district heating networks
District heating network operators


Working group

The activities of QM District Heating are offered by a working group consisting of experts on district heating and heating technology. Information about the working group can be found here.

The team of QM District Heating offers consulting for the project development, the plant planning and the plant operation of district heating network, however does not carry out any planning work.


Documents and Tools

Handbook on Planning of District Heating Networks
The working group of QM District Heating prepared a Handbook on Planning of District Heating Networks in German in spring 2017, which was translated into French in autumn 2018 and into English in August 2020. The handbook is available as free pdf download in all three languages. The English version can be downloaded here:

Handbook on Planning of District Heating Networks (12 MB)

The questionnaire for a district heating connection can be used as a template and is available as an open, two-page Word document (Questionnaire 0.25 MB).
Among other things, the questionnaire can be used to collect data on the needs, the technical situation of the house system (secondary side) and the possible time of connection of a potential heat customer.

The checklists for the project procedure when planning district heating networks can be used as templates and are available as an open, five-page Word document (Checklist 0.35 MB).
The checklists are based on the planning procedure of the Swiss guideline SIA 108. For application in other countries, the corresponding laws and standards of the respective country must be applied

Excess consumption
Based on chapter 10 Analysis and optimisation of heat consumers, the Excel-based calculation tool Excess consumption (Mehrverbrauch 0.17 MB) offers a simple possibility to evaluate the quality of heat transfer in the district heating transfer station of the heat consumers in a district heating network.


Documents and tools, which are currently only available in German:

Software THENA
THENA (Thermal Network Analysis) is an Excel-based calculation tool and is used for simple technical analysis of the network design and a supplementary rough cost estimate of the heat distribution network.
A demo beta version is freely available and can be downloaded. A manual based on the full version is available for download.

Evaluation of district heating transfer station
The evaluation tool is used to compare the services offered by different suppliers of district heating transfer stations. The evaluation tool can be adapted to your own needs.

Sensitivity and efficiency
With the Excel-based calculation tool, the sensitivity of different parameters to the costs of heat distribution for nominal diameters from DN 20 to DN 250 can be easily calculated and graphically displayed.




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